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At Fox & Fox, S.C., we have the experience, skill and resources to handle complex individual and class action litigation.

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Fox & Fox, S.C., is a nationally recognized trial law firm that handles complex individual and class action cases in the areas of employment law, civil rights, whistleblower/qui tam claims and personal injury.

Our record of success speaks for itself. We are trial lawyers who have prevailed against big corporations and government agencies and officials on behalf of individual citizens.

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Jury Verdicts
Hohert v. Weir Slurry Group (W.D.WI. 2003)

Federal jury verdict for lost wages and liquidated damages of $432,000.

Chicago Auto Loans, LLC v. Yale Schiff

Trial court verdict of $1.4 million for civil fraud and punitive damages.

Wistrom v. Black

$1.8 million verdict against state agency director finding retaliatory transfer.

$2.3 million

Recovery in a police shooting of young musician.

$1 million

Recovery plus reinstatement recovery for a high profile Illinois police chief.

$1 million

Recovery plus reinstatement for a terminated college professor.

Published Decisions
Rice Lake Harley Davidson v. LIRC

Wisconsin Court of Appeals case upholding an award of back pay and attorneys fees.

Blue v. IBEW

U.S. Court of Appeals decision upholding jury verdict finding retaliation.

Culver v. Gorman

U.S. Court of Appeals decision reversing dismissal of employee’s claim.

Our Areas of Practice

Employment Law

Federal and state laws protect workers against discrimination, sexual harassment and other hostile or unfair treatment by employers.

Civil Rights Law

At Fox & Fox, S.C., we are dedicated to fighting for those who have suffered civil rights violations throughout Wisconsin and the Chicago metro area.

QUI Tam Claims

To protect taxpayer dollars, the False Claims Act and similar state laws provide strong incentives for private citizens to report fraudulent claims for government funds.

Personal Injury

A personal injury can leave you with significant hardships, including medical bills, wage loss, pain and suffering, and diminished quality of life.

Fox & Fox, S.C., is a nationally recognized trial law firm that handles complex individual & class action cases in several
areas of law

  • Employment law, including discrimination, sexual harassment and whistleblower cases
  • Civil rights violations, such as police misconduct or free speech abuses.
  • Qui Tam cases, which reward individuals who report Medicaid or Medicare fraud or other fraud against the government.
  • Personal injury claims, including car and truck accidents.

We’ve Secured Million Dollar
Results For Our Clients

Lawson v. Monroe County

$5.4 million

Verdict in civil rights action for mentally disabled county jail inmate denied adequate treatment and kept in isolation cell.

We Fight For What’s Right

Laws exist to protect individuals from employment discrimination, civil rights violations and other wrongs. However, individual citizens are often unsure where to turn when their rights have been violated. That’s where our firm steps in.

Our attorneys are aggressive advocates for individuals injured by unlawful employment practices, government wrongdoing, negligence and other adverse treatment. Our goal is for clients to leave our offices better than when they came in. We have consistently achieved that goal for clients throughout Wisconsin and the Chicago metro area for more than three decades.

Advocates For Victims Of Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment is far too common in the workplace. Recently, we’ve seen more women across the country standing up and speaking out about harassment. As these high-profile cases emerge, it’s important to remember that sexual harassment happens to men and women every day, and not everyone has the advocate they deserve.

Every sexual harassment victim deserves to have their voice heard. We’re here to be that voice.

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